Monday, August 15, 2011

Earth Surf skate park of Bridgeton...

I was talking to someone about the Earth Surf park in Bridgeton today which made me think to post the video that Paul Graf made from some super 8 film and photos that he had. I've also added a photo of my friend Chris Roddick from 1982 along with my ID card.

I met a lot if not most of the people I know from back then at this park. I met Glen Stallings, John Harms, Don Early and on and on skating there after it had been closed down. It was only open a few short years and I probably skated there more after it closed down than when it was open just because I had more access to transportation than I did at 14 when it opened. I tried to interview the last owner but he wasn't interested in talking. Although I did have a brief conversation with him anyway and he told me that he was hoping to put a building up to keep it open year round but he couldn't get the financing what with interest rates being around 20% at the time. At that point he had no choice but to close. It was skated up until it was bulldozed in March of 1983.

This is a piece of the park I picked up the day it was bulldozed.

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